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Make up

Blusher formulated from treated pigments which helps to smooth and strengthen without drying the skin.  Natural finished with reflecting properties  which protect against UV.

7,01 €

Iridescent and duochrome loose powder for application on eyes, cheekbones and lips. Can also be applied on neckline and cleavage area to give points of light.

9,50 €

Deluxe black and white  case with nylon interior for brushes.

13,51 €

Professional blusher brush manufactured with racoon hair.

14,50 €

Skin colour, perfect moisturiser. ALL IN ONE

15,51 €

The makeup fixer is formulated with a hydrolyzate base of wheat protein, therefore it is not sticky and does not leave the skin feeling tight.  It fixes the makeup, avoiding any smudges caused by touch or sweat.

24,01 €

Suitable for micropigmented skin

25,00 €

Non-drying, long lasting loose powder prepared with treated pigments for softness. 

27,51 €

Blusher brush made out of pony hair, providing loose powder as well as compact.

30,51 €
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