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Reinforce fixing hair without waste.

3,50 €

Glitter incorporated into a gel to obtain attractive sparkled effects to skin and hair.

4,01 €

glitter color for hair.

5,00 €

Eco-friendly. Special microdiffusor, does not wet or leave unsightly coat on hair. Bright shine, strong hold, pleasantly perfumed.

5,00 €

No more bad  hair days

10,01 €

Shampoo suitable for all types of hair. Ideal for daily hygiene for the entire family circle. It contains a pH of 5.5 with which leaves hair soft and clean.

12,01 €

Revital Wash. Suitable for dry, porous, bleached or damaged hair. It contains pro-vitamin B5 and silicones condition, strengthens its structure by returning their elasticity. It leaves soft, healthy, regenerated,repaired and bright hair.

12,01 €

Due to its special composition and its micro-diffusion system, it keeps the natural look of the hair, maintaining its shine and looseness.

15,01 €

Regenerates and repairs very dry and porous hair, reinforcing its structure and giving back its natural elasticity and softness. 

16,51 €

Revital Care. Conditioner and protector with UV filter.

20,50 €

Mini Hairdryer for travelling.

29,91 €
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