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Book 'Pinceladas de Rítmica'

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A tribute to rhythmic gymnastics through the great gymnasts who have marked its history.
A book by Montse Martín and Manel Manel.

This book is a DECLARATION OF LOVE. A unique and really very special book, with illustrations by Montse Martín, one of the golden girls of Spanish rhythmic gymnastics, and with texts by her brother, the professional musician Manel Martín.

The art of illustration brings us closer to sport with a greater number of artistic elements. Illustrated portraits that capture the magic of the best gymnasts on the mat. It also pays special attention to the important musical section of this sport. A touch of history, the ensembles, anecdotes and a host of curiosities from the complex world of rhythmic gymnastics.

An object full of art, beauty, emotion, spectacle, culture and history. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have made it possible, for their courage, optimism and friendship, editing this 3rd edition, and to each of the more than 400 patrons of Pinceladas de Rítmica who helped us to make the 1st edition possible. This tribute is still yours.

  • 167 pages in full colour
  • Cover: Hard cover
  • Inside pages: 170 grams Couche paper
  • Measurements: 21,7 x 30,5 cm
  • Language: Spanish

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