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Bicolor Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs 36cm

Clubs Color

Discover our rhythmic gymnastics clubs, manufactured in Spain with the finest materials. Available in a diverse palette of mix-and-match colors, these clubs stand out for their impeccable design and interlocking capability, adding precision and style to each of your movements on the mat.

What makes our clubs exceptional? Not only do they have a length of 36cm, ideal for senior gymnasts, but they are also incredibly easy to interlock. When you do so, you'll feel a satisfying 'click,' ensuring they are perfectly joined. This feature not only guarantees seamless execution but also provides you with the peace of mind that your clubs will always stay in place. Furthermore, our clubs are designed with a perfect balance.

They are sturdy enough to withstand any rigorous routine, and at the same time, surprisingly lightweight to facilitate your most elegant movements. Elevate your performance with dvillena apparatus.


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