What is a Gift Card?
It is a virtual card with a discount code that is used as a payment method when making a purchase. You can purchase it here.

What is the cost?

You can choose the value: €30, €50, €75, €100. The balance on the card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

However, if you make a purchase using the gift card as a payment method and you need to return part or all of the order, the gift card will be credited, i.e. the balance will be added back to the card.

Where can it be used?
On the website www.dvillena.com 

Is it possible to use the Gift Card for different purchases?

Yes, the Gift Card allows you to make partial purchases. That is to say:


- If the purchase is less than the amount of the card, the unspent balance will be accumulated for next purchase(s).


- If the purchase is exactly the amount of the gift card, the balance will remain at €0.


- If the purchase exceeds the amount of the card, you will have to pay the remaining amount of the purchase with another payment method (Paypal, bank transfer or credit card).


What happens if I lose the Gift Card?
Responsibility for the care and use of the Gift Card rests solely with the bearer. It will not be replaced in the event of theft, loss or damage. 

Gift Card purchase instructions

1. Choose the amount of money you want the gift card to be for.

2. Decide if you want us to send you your card by e-mail, so you can print it yourself at home, or if you want to receive a package with the gift card physically at the address you give us.

3. The card will arrive with a discount code, so that the person who receives it can redeem the amount.

4. Enjoy it!

Instructions for using the Gift Card
Once you have chosen your products, go to the shopping cart to start the checkout process.

1. Click on the option "Do you have a promotion code?

2. Enter the discount code in the new dropdown.

That's it! The discount is automatically applied.That's it! The discount is automatically applied.