Hello! Thank you for wanting to know more about us.

We are a Spanish company located in Villena (Alicante). Our origin in the footwear sector, together with our love for rhythmic, led us to found Dvillena in 1998 and since then we have been manufacturing the toe-shoes and training clothes that best adapt to the demands of this sport. Our origin: tailoring.


Just as gymnasts and techniques advance, innovation in this field is an indispensable requirement.

In the beginning, when people only worked with white dyed leather, we devised the beige toe-shoe and we introduced in Spain new ways of sewing. Since then, we have not stopped creating different toe-shoes models so that each gymnast can find its own until we reach the 15 models currently available. All manufactured with different patterns and materials to accompany the gymnasts in each of the steps towards their goal.

We strive to prove that it is possible to manufacture competent products in our country with quality as a primary requirement, with national materials and artisan workers for whom good craftsmanship prevails.

This way of working, where each toe-shoe is created one by one, managed to position itself as a referent and currently we are official suppliers of the Spanish Gymnastics Federation, as well as the Hungarian, Finnish and Romanian Federations and the best international gymnasts from Spain, Brazil, Canada, Colombia,United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, USA, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Norway, Poland and France.  

Our values are commitment and proximity; we know how important it is to know what type of product is being purchased and to be able to have contact with the manufacturer.

For this reason we thank you for your trust, so that together we can accompany all the gymnasts to demonstrate their work and achieve their dream.

Isabel Sánchez, CEO of Dvillena Sport and  Morinari Watanabe, president of the FIG.