General Conditions


Conditions of Use


General conditions of purchase in our store


These General Conditions of Contract regulate the process of sale of the products offered by DVillena Sport S.L. in the available catalog on their website


The General Conditions create a legally binding agreement between DVillena Sport S.L. and the buyer (customer), and give them certain rights and obligations from the moment the customer perform and accept an order through the aforementioned webpage. They are mandatory on both sides, so that its acceptance is essential to place an order. Therefore, the customer must read these conditions.

The headings of the different clauses are merely informative and shall not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the General Conditions.


These Terms are governed by the provisions of current legislation.


Selling Company:

 DVillena Sport S.L. is the holding company of the website

Owner Company:

Name: Dvillena Sport S.L.
Registered adress: Pol. Ind. “El Rubial” calle 4 nave 5, 03400 Villena (Alicante)


We will consider as a Customer to every User of website who order and give his acceptance to it at the time of its completion.


Customer must register as such and supply the following information required to place an order: name and surname or company name, CIF / NIF, billing address, delivery address, contact telephone and contact email.


This data will be as stipulated in the Conditions of Access and Use of the website, under "Privacy Policy".

2. Aim of the Contract


The purchase and sale of the products offered by DVillena Sport S.L. on their website. These products are toe shoes and sports clothing.




DVillena Sport’s sale of is limited to the products listed on their website and is only valid for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands (Orders won’t be sent to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

Each product has a file that lists the technical characteristics, the make, the concrete pattern to which it is referred to, a picture for guidance (if any), the retail price of the product with VAT included and the period of availability in terms of shipping and delivery to the Customer.

The file of every product indicates the retail price, including VAT. Not included in that price the additional costs: shipping, insurance of goods and refund costs (only in cases of orders with this form of cash on delivery).

The total order cost (retail price of the product or its component products plus the additional costs) will be notified to the Customer at the time of placing his/her order and in advance to the acceptance.

The price of products is the one quoted on the website at the time of ordering.


It occurs when the Customer expressly agrees to the request made, and after the acceptance of the General Conditions. It is materialized when accepting them and clicking the "Next" button on the screen for making the order "Order Acceptance".


There are four available ways to pay the price established for each order, among which the Customer may choose:

1. Payment in advance via bank transfer:

Customer must make a bank transfer to the account of DVillena Sport S.L. for the amount of the price of the goods ordered plus delivery charges (the total sum will appear on the screen before confirming the order, when checking the general data of it).

The transfer must indicate the name of the person or entity to which the order is invoiced and the number of the order (the number is automatically assigned by the system to complete the ordering) as well as underlying DVillena Sport S.L. as beneficiary of the payment.

The transfer must be made within a maximum of seven days from placing the order to the bank account, if within that period there is no record of payment, the order is automatically cancelled.

2. COD Payment (cash on delivery)

Payment will be made in cash at the moment of delivery in the delivery address indicated. The amount is the sum of the product price plus shipping and refund costs.

The customer must pay in cash. Checks or bank drafts will not accepted.

3. Payment via credit card:


The customer may choose to pay by credit card, performing the operation when ordering. Only Visa, Master and Visa Mastercard with Verified protection will be accepted. If the customer's card is not registered for Verified, it should consult with his/her bank in order to register the card.

The system will automatically calculate the shipping costs associated with the payment method chosen by the Customer, as well as the refund costs associated with cash on delivery via and the transaction costs involved on the payment by credit card and these total prices will be communicated before accepting the order by the Customer.

4. Payment via PayPal:

Under this procedure after completing the order and selected the option PayPal, users will enter in a separate session to the PayPal page where they will enter you’re their user passwords, and they will follow the onscreen instructions provided by PayPal for payment. Once the operation has been accepted by PayPal, the charge of the order will be confirmed to the Web Portal. That’s when Dvillena Sport will start the ordering process. This form of payment is the most immediate.



The delivery of orders is subject to the availability of the product or products. This availability is indicated in the files of each product on the web page catalogue The periods of availability, in the calculation of time for delivery of orders, will be the ones advertised on the webpage when the order is placed by the buyer.

In orders formalized in the category of prepayment, the reliable record of any payments by the Customer by bank transfer or cash deposit in the bank account number indicated by DVillena Sport will also be taken into account for the calculating of the delivery time. In orders by funding, the confirmation of it by the company that will finance the order price
will be considered.

However, this period of availability can be modified in the case of occurrence of simultaneous requests on the same product or products involving the end of the stockpiles. The new deadline will be indicated to Customer as short as possible. If the stocks are out definitively, Customer will be notified to choose between choosing a different product with similar features and a similar price to the one out of stock, or cancel the order. In this case, we will refund the money paid in advance in case of form of payment orders in advance.

Delays in deliveries according to the deadline of availability, entitle Customer to cancel the order if wished by writing an e-mail to We will return, if any, the money paid in advance, appropriate and without any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect.

undelivered orders to Customer within seven days from shipment for reasons not attributable to DVillena Sport will be returned to the seller, considering the order cancelled for all purposes, and money paid in advance will be returned to the Customer, if any, appropriate and without any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect.

Delivery will be made door to door to the delivery address indicated on the shipping information of the order. The subsequent changes to this address may generate a number of expenses that will be charged to the Customer.

Orders are delivered by shipping company to the address provided by the Customer and to the person who is quoted as receiving them. These data will be entered in the delivery order of the carrier, which also indicate the number of packages of the shipment, total weight, the order number and refund (only in cases of orders placed in the mode of cash on delivery).

Deliveries of bulky or excessive weight, or products that are difficult to deliver, will be delivered to the gateway address.


In addition to the delivery note, an invoice will be issued to Customer with every order, either within the shipping container, either attached to the packaging of the shipped product.

When there is a lack of the invoice, the Customer may request it via e-mail to, indicating the name on the invoice and order number, and the invoice will be sent to the delivery address by post.

If at the time of delivery some product defects caused by shipping damage or an error in the goods received can be seen in a visible and clear way, without manipulating the packaging or the actual delivery of the product, the Customer must enter it in the delivery note and communicate it to DVillena Sport S.L. (by fax or email to the address within 24 hours after receipt of order to urge the return of the product concerned and thus the substitution of a new one or refund the price paid for it.

The defects produced in transportation that are only noticeable after unpacking the product should be reported within 24 hours of receiving of the order via email to the address, indicating damages caused to the product and urging the return of the product concerned and thus the substitution of a new one or refund the price paid for it.


DVillena Sport S.L. will respond to Customers for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the goods ordered, recognizing them as tangible property for private consumption. 

In order to cope with this warranty, Customer must contact DVillena Sport S.L. by e-mail to in which state: invoice holder name, order number, invoice number and cause of the nonconformity.

No guarantee will be accept in cases where the products have been used improperly or not according to their characteristics by the Customer.

For every aspects of the commercial guarantee referred to in Article 11 of Law 23/2003 of 10 July, collateral in the Sale of Consumer Goods, will be applicable contained in Law 7/1996, of January 15 of the Retail Trade.


It is recognized to the Customer the right to cancel the order within seven working days from the receipt of it, as set out in Article 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15th January from Retail Trade.

Customer who desist of the order may be required to take over the direct cost of returning the product to DVillena Sport S.L..

The Customer must notify its withdrawal to DVillena Sport via Email ( within that period of seven days. In this way, the customer can be informed about the refund of the order (number of return, shipping and delivery address).


Read the General Conditions before the order acceptance.

Respect the general conditions once the order is accepted.

Pay the price agreed at the moment of ordering.

10. DVillena Sport S.L. OBLIGATIONS


Deliver the product at the place of delivery set in good conditions.

Respect the prices of the orders agreed at the time of their realization.


Receive the products that compose their order in perfect condition.

Cancel the order before shipment by e-mail to

Reject the request when it is delivered.

12. DVillena Sport S.L. RIGHTS

Receive the payment of the orders.

Modify the set prices for their products on their website.

Modify the delivery of the product according to their availability.

Cancel orders for non-payment of the Customer.

Cancel the website without notice.


For purposes of notices, summons and writings of any kind that results in this contract shall be the domicile of DVillena Sport S.L. indicated in these Conditions.


Although the invalidity or unenforceability of a clause in this contract or a part of it is pronounced, the remaining clauses or parts will remain valid and will keep on having value.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish legislation, in particular by: Civil Code, Law 26/84 of 19th June  for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98  13th April General Conditions Contracts, Law 7/96 of 15th  January Retail Trade, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and Council of 8th June , Law 34/2002 of  11th July , Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce Act 23/2003 of 10th July Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods and regulations implementing them.